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The ketogenic diet aims to drastically reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, in favor instead of protein foods. Let’s buy keto look healthy fats at keto coffee an example of a weekly menu of this nutritional strategy,  the contraindications and the negative effects.

The keto diet is rich in protein and keto kreme reviews low in carbohydrates, much discussed because it is different from repair damaged all fat into energy coconut fat other low-carb diets, as it is based on the production of acid substances, called ketones, from which it derives its name.

It is not just a diet to lose weight, but benefits is also followed as an alternative cure for drug-resistant epilepsy and for certain types of cancer.

But how does the assists with blood ketogenic diet work and what are its rules? Our dietician, buy keto Dr. Anna Gerbaldo explains it to us. Learn more about Everything you need to know about keto kreme

What is keto kreme?

The ketogenic diet is a therapeutic regimen that keeps the body in a metabolic state of ketosis.

Ketosis is generated by nutrition and causes the body to burn fat in reserve immediately after consuming the sugar in the blood. Our body therefore coconut fat metabolizes the glycides, or sugar and carbohydrates, to then resort to the stocks present in the body, in the form of fats.

Ketosis buy keto is generated by the presence of ketone bodies, substances deriving from the increase in fat oxidation. In normal physiological healthy fats conditions the level of ketones in circulation is negligible, but may increase following prolonged fasting earn advertising fees or a keto coffee strongly hypoglucidic diet (therefore with a very low carbohydrate benefits content) chocolate chip.


The ketone bodies are acetone, acetate acetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate. They are substances that are produced starting from the oxidation of fats from tissue deposits.

A scheme of ketone bodies production.

Acetone is produced only in very day small quantities and is eliminated by breathing.
Acetate acetate and keto kreme vs keto os beta-hydroxybutyrate are instead used to  satisfy the energy demands of tissues such as the muscles pruvit keto kreme and the heart, to then be eliminated at the kidney level.

Usually buy keto the brain uses carbohydrates as its energy source, in particular glucose, but in some conditions, when this substance is not available, it can adapt and use ketone bodies.

Curiosity: in the brain information can travel at a speed that can reach 430 km / hour.

What was the ketogenic diet keto kreme?

In the 1920s, cellular function in an attempt to find suitable dietary therapies to improve the control of epilepsy, the first observations began gut health on the role of fasting of the use of ketone bodies as a prevailing energy source. In 1921 the dott. Wilder of the Mayo Clinic, meal replacement proposed to standardize the methods of induction of ketosis with a regime rich in fat and low in carbohydrates.

The ketogenic diet was considered effective for the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy in children, and fat into energy quickly today is used for the treatment of some types of cancer (in particular the brain), in some neurodegenerative diseases, in complicated obesity and / or serious.

Amy Lee, buy keto damaged dna cellular structures the singer of Evanescence, also suffers from epilepsy.

If in the 90s ketosis keto kreme keto kreme ingredients ingredients was induced with fasting, then in the hospital, today the dietary setting is defined by the ratio in grams between the nutrients (called benefits “ketogenic ratio”) day and can, under medical supervision, be performed at home.


In the keto diet the foods given are those rich in proteins. Carbohydrates must be kept to a minimum in order to maintain ketosis, while the diet is gut health extremely high in fat in order to guarantee an adequate energy intake.

The traditional version body’s natural ability energy quickly giving of this diet includes as main sources of fat cream, butter, simple way to promote margarine, mayonnaise, oil, coconut fat olives, soy lecithin, sugar to fat hazelnuts convert fat and avocado, as well as caprylic fatty other foods such as meat, fish, keto kreme pruvit eggs, cheese and some types of vegetables ( keto fit that must be keto fat indicated by the professional).

-chetogenic-fat-8The foods that can not be taken are cereals and derivatives, potatoes, energy quickly legumes, healthiest natural fruit, sugary drinks, keto fat healthy fats spirits and sweets. Lately, instead, a ketogenic diet has become widespread, not so rich in fat as it is in protein, always maintaining a very low quantity of carbohydrates.

To monitor adherence to the diet, fat into energy quickly and in particular to understand if one is in ketosis, one uses ketonemia weight loss (the measurement of ketones keto coffee in the blood) or ketonuria (the measurement of ketones in the urine).

Ketonemia is a blood test similar to measuring blood glucose.

The keto diet must be followed with what is keto kreme rigor, in fact even a single sgarro can compromise the state of ketosis. This diet can be followed using natural products, through a careful selection of convert fat foods that can and cannot be eaten, or there are also substitute meals / snacks, both sweet and savory.

A mixed approach, buy keto simple way to promote which includes both the use of substitute meals and meals with natural foods, can help improve compliance pruvit kreme (and therefore adherence to the diet) and the pleasantness of the energy quickly day giving proposal. It is therefore not a “do it yourself” diet, healthiest natural but there must be precise amounts of each macronutrient (carbohydrates, fats and blood glucose proteins).

Girls, to find out how the ketogenic diet works, go to page 2! You will discover a weekly menu example according to this diet.

Ketogenic diet: weekly menu example keto kreme

To better discover the keto diet we see in detail a weekly example of a menu. This diet provides for the consumption of many proteins and for this reason it is always energy quickly recommended to ask your referrer code doctor for advice before starting this diet, native state which is not recommended for diabetics or in general for those suffering from other diseases!

The doses for a weekly menu of the 21-day ketogenic diet (the time indicated for the results to arrive) nevertheless vary according to sex, age healthy fats and other factors that you will have to evaluate with your doctor. We therefore mental boost advise you never to start a diet without having heard an expert opinion first.

For breakfast you can keto//kreme choose between a cup of coffee or barley coffee and wander between cheeses or scrambled eggs, for those who love savory, chocolate crepes or hazelnut Bavarian, for those who love the sweet.

Among the snacks in the ketogenic diet you can keto kreme review choose between plain yogurt and dried fruit without limits, convert fat into energy low-fat yogurt, a cup of tea, herbal tea or coffee or alternatively low-fat cheese or a couple of slices of turkey breast.
Lunch or dinner

At lunch you can experiment with various types of food, pruvit’s keto according to your tastes. So there are ideas for all kinds of palates rapidly metabolizes. Among the most popular and interchangeable recipes for lunch and dinner there are stuffed white pizza, legume soup, cream and ham tagliatelle, beef burger with lettuce salad and carrots.

The vegetarian keto diet
instead focuses on plant proteins, conversion of sugar replacing them with animal ones. Those taking this diet can eat mature cheeses and eggs convert fat into energy while followers of the vegan ketogenic diet will be able to eat keto os kreme tempeh, mopur, wheat muscle, tofu and seitan. See how to 11 recipes suitable for the keto diet

Girls, do you want to know what are the advantages and weight loss disadvantages of the keto diet? And in what situations can it be used mental boost and when is it contraindicated? Then read on page 3!


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