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The keto diet is recognized by specialists as an alternative method of treatment in drug-resistant epilepsies, such net carbs as Dravet Syndrome best nuts for keto. Cristian explains what this type of diet means.

The is recognized by health benefits specialists as an alternative method of treatment in drug-resistant epilepsies, such as macadamia nuts Dravet Syndrome. A study conducted in the UK by a team keto dieters of physicians led by weight loss E.G. Neal and published in 2008, showed that 38% of the participating children achieved a 50% reduction in the frequency best nuts keto of seizures, net carb and 7% had an improved control with 90%.

The Association for Dravet and other Rare Epilepsies healthy fats asked nutritionist Cristian Mărgărit a few questions about what this diet means and how it should be taken to have results. The fat content Association best nuts for keto for Dravet and Other Rare Epilepsies. See how to Keto onions

What is the difference between keto nuts a ketogenic diet and other low-carbohydrate diets?

The ketogenic diet implies the maximum use of fats as an energy source. Most low-carb or even “ketogenic” diets are, in fact, hyperprotein diets, where the main source of energy becomes amino acids.

In order for the amino acids (derived from food proteins) almond flour to be “burned”, they undergo a process called “deamination”, which will result in ammonia, which is neurotoxic and which requires additional efforts to be detoxified.

Using fats as the nuts and seeds main energy source generates an excess of ketone bodies, which can be detected in the urine. Depending on best keto your goals, this ketosis may be keto snacks stronger or easier. It can also peanut butter reach the situation where all the ketone bodies produced will be used, so they will be health benefits undetectable in the urine. The state of ketosis in metabolically balanced persons best nuts is different from keto dieters diabetic ketoacidosis, where, due to low-carb diet  insulin deficiency, ketone bodies can be produced in excessive amounts, altering both the pH of the blood are nuts keto and various metabolic pathways.

So, in the “true”, the intake of protein and carbohydrates net carbs is reduced, with fats representing most of the energy from food. Learn more about keto diet in our article Keto pork rinds

Can the diet be followed at the same time as the drug treatment or is it excluded?

Any changes in diet, supplementation high in fat sunflower seeds keto or medication should first be discussed with the doctor. The diet has been proposed best nuts for keto as therapy prior to the emergence of specific drugs baked goods and may work with them keto diet nuts.

What foods are prohibited and what foods keto nuts are encouraged in the ketogenic diet?

CM: Foods rich in carbohydrates are avoided, especially glucose sources: sugar and its relatives (including maple syrup, honey, are walnuts keto are pistachios keto agave syrup, glucose, fructose, lactose), cereals, pseudocereals and derivatives (flour, products confectionery, cakes, bread of any kind), weight loss potatoes, fruits with a heart disease high carbohydrate content (apples, pears, bananas, melons, courgettes, figs, raisins, dried fruits, etc.). Avoid all processed foods that may contain crushed walnuts starch or other sources of carbohydrates, monoglutamate net carb
additives, refined oils, margarine.

In people already adapted to ketosis, with physical exertion and muscle mass above average, vegetables or fruits with low carbohydrate content are accepted, in slow assimilation forms (excluding juices, net carbs jams, carbs in pine nuts mashed potatoes, etc.) best keto nuts: peanut butter carrots, celery, beetroot, macadamia nuts berries, legumes (beans, peas, nuts, lentils). For the intake of almond flour vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and for the alkalizing potential (to counteract the acidity generated by foods rich in fats and proteins) are included in the diet the green leaves (spinach, arugula, parsley, dill, are low-carb diet sunflower seeds keto dill, nuts and seeds celery stalks, celery stalks) green, cabbage, pork, best nuts for keto mackerel, herbs, greasy, etc.) and other parts of the plants, with very low healthy fats carbohydrate content (cucumbers, pumpkins, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cauliflower, asparagus, asparagus, etc.) fat content carbs in pumpkin seeds.

A special category is keto friendly represented by water chestnuts keto algae (spirulina, chlorella, kelp), through the contribution of trace elements (iodine), health benefits vitamins, minerals. The soluble fibers present in these plants produce, through fermentation in net carbs the digestive tract, short-chain fatty acids, easy to use as a source of energy by the body, with advantages including maintaining ketosis.

Turmeric (curry), ginger, oregano, thyme, sage, coriander, basil etc. aromatic plants. contain antioxidants that protect peanut butter fats both during cooking and after they have come into circulation (blood).

The consumption of fats is encouraged, are pumpkin seeds keto the most useful being those that bring short and medium chain fatty acids: coconut, pumpkin seeds keto best nuts coconut oil, MCT Oil (medium chain triglycerides nuts on keto diet isolated from coconut oil). In which of the following are net carb sample amounts of carbohydrates almost always found?

From dairy products, we select fatty products from goat milk and sheep (fermented cream and fermented butter), naturally raised animals. We avoid milk it is sweet, cow’s milk and fermented cheeses high in fat keto dieters  (due to glutamate, which can affect walnuts keto the balance of neurotransmitters and pine nutsv induce seizures). Among the most useful fat-rich plants are coconut, avocado, keto snacks best nuts for keto olives, walnuts, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, forest hazelnuts, brazil nuts. Caju is too high in carbohydrates. It is preferable to consume them directly from sources, net carbs without grinding are cashews keto and heat preparation.

How fast can the results appear from keto nuts the beginning of the diet?

The diet can work in a few days. There are nuts on keto also cases where it takes several weeks or months until the results are seen

How long should the diet be kept? If the crises stop, do we stop the diet or do we continue it for life or for a fixed term?

The diet is continued nuts to eat on keto for life, with seasonal variations and adjustment of nutrient sources and peanut butter
proportions depending on the characteristics health benefits and keto friendly nuts individual response peanuts keto. That heart disease is to say, in the summer small macadamia nuts quantities of fresh healthy fats fruits or vegetables can be included, if we play sports we can have more carbohydrates and even protein.

If one day we cannot abide by the diet (for example, we are in the hospital, on infusions, or sick) what do we expect?

In general, the state of ketosis is maintained for a few days in the adapted persons, being preferable here avoiding foods high in glucose, taking into account, of course, the medical restrictions. There are solutions and suspensions for infusion with fatty acids and amino acids, in addition to the classical ones, with glucose almond flour
. The effects will, however, be linked to net carbs the complex of individual factors. Personally, I think that in this situation it is better to have a food break (if health and pistachios keto body fat reserves keto dieters allow it, of course) than to eat the wrong foods, which can fat content lead to an impairment of the motivation in the weight loss long term (for are peanuts keto example, keto nuts and seeds the craving for sweet or forbidden foods). For the same reason, I do not recommend the use of “diet sweets”, even though they may contain permitted ingredients.

Are there any side effects? Does the diet affect children’s development in any way?

If kept properly, with healthy foods keto snacks, properly prepared, the diet can be kept indefinitely. In general, the adverse effects observed in the past were more than the low quality and virtually zero diversity of foods used in scientific studies and peanut butter experiments. Even pine nuts products considered to be toxic today carbs in brazil nuts (pure casein, margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oils) health benefits best nuts for keto were used. After some research, can you eat nuts on keto it seems that the ketosis state even leads to improved myelination and increased intellectual performance, both for the moment and in the medium and long term.


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