Sweet potato keto, super food from America


Potatoes were obtained by a competitor in the form of sweet potatoes. Now it can already be found in our fields and bought as other domestic products in fiber markets.

Miha Zaletelj is engaged in the cultivation of various vegetables. The baked sweet potato ketogenic diet young man seems net carbs to be interested in weight loss growing niche markets. This is also keto diet confirmed nutritional
by the experience of sweet potatoes. With him Zaletelj became acquainted when he studied nature conservation at the keto recipes Biotechnical Center Naklo after high school. He began to read professional literature, to explore and to get to know him better. Everything carb
he learned has adapted to domestic conditions, he says. He found that there are already some sweet potato growers in Slovenia, but on the guide eating tables and fields there is a rarity and specialty, so he was tempted to try to cultivate it himself. If best nothing else meal plan, sweet potatoes reach the market at a higher price than regular ones. He only competes with the great American, which can be bought in commercial chains.

The first harvest was for the volunteer  sweet potato keto

I was guilty myself, I made some initial mistakes, Zaletelj admits, when he says that last year when the sweet potato was planted for the first time, he was harvested mainly by the voluhar. Under the foil on the field with a plantation, there was just enough room for the voluhars to eat a large part of the crop, which was mostly no longer suitable for sale. This year Miha did things differently. Sweet potatoes grow on another field where there is no pest, and the crop for now shows good.

The seedling planted the seedlings on the vacancy a month ago, the harvest will be harvested in the second half of September. How side dishes does the cultivation actually take place? “The fiber tubers need to be cuttings and be patient, ketosis
because they are pushed slowly out of the eyebrows on the tuber, and they need an appropriate high temperature.” Then the sprouts are planted in the soil, and the roots are rapidly propagated from them, and then underground tubers. There are even more procedures, but for our places it is most appropriate to cultivate the cuttings, explains Miha Zaletelj, and then we plant them in free time in ketogenic diet baked sweet potato May keto friendly. After three months of growth, the tubers are ripe for harvesting net carbs carb keto. Learn more about keto diet in our article Everything about keto rash

One more specialty: when picked up, it should be given for about two weeks in a warm and humid place to heal wounds on the surface, otherwise it ketosis
would start to rot. I have to learn a lot of things about cultivation, I read a lot, I’m studying what could be improved, how to defend themselves against volunteers and other pests and how to help with the hardware, “says a young farmer full of energy and plans. “I was thinking that sweet potatoes might later be processed into dried slices and pieces that could be added to food for pets, as it is very healthy for them. But for now, it only great
remains an idea for sometime later.

And where is his potato can be bought? Miha Zaletelj is involved best in the Green Circle, a society that markets the products of Slovenian farmers online. “Everything is very simple and effective, with such a sale I am very satisfied. First, sweet potatoes keto
we collect orders online, then deliver the produce on the agreed date to one of the marketplaces or an agreed place. Therefore, his potatoes, like other vegetables, are available to anyone keto diet who wants to order. Now this form of sales is already established, but nevertheless, the Zaletelj menu should use it even more. Today, for a variety of insignificant and consumable products, some are ready to browse the web and order them from abroad. However, for healthy domestic crops, which, of course, sugar depend on our well-being and health, they still find keto recipes it difficult to decide. Who would understand this? “In our country, many growers are striving for high-quality crops, but people nevertheless go to shopping centers after poor vegetables, which we do not know how and where it grew.

Everyone can try sweet potato keto

Sweet potatoes are not hard to produce; only a few things have to be taken into account, Miha Zaletelj advises. Cut the tuber and put it in a pot with a eat few centimeters of soil. Cut the cut surface to the ground. We have to moisturize this before, but we do not feed tubers. Place the crucible on a warm, even in the vicinity of radiators, where the temperature is about 30 ° C, since the plant needs heat. If we do this in  spring, in mid-March, the shoots will be high from 10 to 15 centimeters, then cut off and implant into the substrate. In the middle of May they are transplanted into the open. Plants need land rich in nutrients. For most varieties, the best soil is covered with foil, so the tubers are more developed and not the overhead part. It is very important that the plant has enough water at the time of rooting. In about 3 months and a half we can harvest the crop. Still on storage: ketogenic diet before using freshly digested tubers, they need eating
nutritional at least a month to acquire flavor and develop it and get it up.

Sweet immigrants, even those who will try to produce it themselves, will not be able to replace ordinary potatoes on the menu of Slovenian families ketosis
for a long time. But at least the serious intention that he wants to be established with us, he already showed. The reasons for doing so we better know it and at least try it, it’s really a lot.

And yet: that the stupid farmer has thick potatoes weight loss, it has been known for a long time. However, I could not find out in the professional literature whether this is true of sweet potatoes. It will need to be tried, it does not go differently.

Sweet potatoes enjoy a billion people every day. Potatoes keto friendly that are not related: Despite their name, sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) guide and our “classic” potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) are not in botanical relation. In some respects, they are really similar, but they belong to a different family: the first among the cakes carb and the other among the frogs. Both under the earth make tubers, in sweet potato they are larger and oblong, sometimes irregular in shape.

Common Homeland America: Both plants have a common keto diet history on the American continent. Sweet potatoes, also called batata, originate from the Mexican-Venezuelan area. It is a tropical plant that does not tolerate frost and temperatures below zero. He arrived in Europe shortly after the first expeditions foods to the New World, but he did not come here. As sweet potato keto an important culture it is side dishes cultivated by many in Asia. From the Philippines to Japan is a component of traditional dishes, health benefits similar to Africa. In Europe, it is mostly produced in Portugal, and is increasingly popular in the UK. In the US, it is one of the keto recipes most prized cauliflower
crops. A billion eat people are enjoying it every day in the world net carbs carb keto great.

You could tell him a super-nutrition: It is strange that sweet sweet potatoes keto
potatoes in Europe have not become more established after numerous studies have demonstrated its benefits and useful properties in the diet. Studies from many parts of the world are very high and they describe sweet potatoes almost as super-food. Let’s just mention some of the findings. The tuber gives the color carotene, the same substance found in the carrot and other darker vegetables. The more it contains sugar, the darker the orange color baked sweet is under the peel and it is healthier. Carotene is very useful for the body, it is indispensable for the development of vitamin A and is important for health benefits the health of mucous membranes meal plan and ketogenic diet skin.

The most common type of sweet potato is that of potatoes keto reddish peel and orange color, but there are all shades from white and light yellow to violet. Which olive oil one to choose? The darker grams of carbs, more intense color is better because of carotene.

Body Armor Body: Especially rich in antioxidants nutritional beans are purple varieties of sweet potatoes. As with the grapes, the antioxidants give the shade to the crop, which is why substances that protect our body from many diseases are also proven against cancer.

Growing is not the same sweet potato keto as for ordinary potatoes

Especially valuable is peeling, but most often it is discarded when preparing dishes. One study states that there are ten times as many ketosis
antioxidants in the peel as in the core and are then comparable to blueberries, which, according to analyzes, are among the most precious foods.

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins C and A and with iron, but also with a variety of minerals and compounds, from potassium, sodium, calcium, guide magnesium to zinc and manganese. This puts him in the list of foods called “five times a day” by food science. On it are the types of vegetables and fruits that you should eat for health and well-being more often. Therecarb
is no regular potato on this list. Sweet potatoes are also excellent because of the high amount of fiber and because they do not contain fat. Due to the low glycemic index it is also recommended in dietary nutrition ketogenic diet.

Cooked is healthy, baked is delicious: What to do with sugar sweet potatoes when they find themselves in our kitchen? There are many options, there are even more recipes, from basic to desserts.

The healthiest and easiest way to prepare is cooked sweet potatoes cauliflower
. We sweet potatoes keto only wash it thoroughly, but do not rub it with a scraper, so as not to damage the peel, because the tuber would thaw. Stir the boiled tubers, which are softened after about 30 to 40 minutes of cooking, depending on the size. It moves faster when cooking smaller peeled pieces, as is the case with ordinary potatoes net carbs. Learn more about Ketosis side effects – ketosis body odor, sweet smelling urine

Cooking is more advisable because when baking the cells are hardened and the useful substances are more difficult to excrete through the cell walls, and the body is therefore more difficult to accept. The yield of carotene is better in vitamin combination keto diet with some fat, for example in dishes with some oil. They keto recipes meal plan help absorb the body. Cooked sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index foods than baked or roasted eat.

Fried sweet potatoes, according to many, beans
health up or down, baked carb sweet weight loss sweet potatoes keto are the most innocent. It can be prepared in an oven, unpeeled and cut into pieces, or washed in a pan. Even desserts can be prepared from it, just like roasted apples cauliflower
with the addition of sugar, butter and cinnamon.


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