The Slow-Carb Diet – a miracle diet on a low-carb basis or an unhealthy crash diet?


Without counting calories in just 30 days, lose up to 10 kilograms! This is promised by diet creator Timothy Ferriss in his book “The 4-Hour Body”. Whether the diet concept really is as revolutionary as it seems titanium tea at first glance, on which principles it is based and whether Slow Carb is the optimal entry into a permanently healthy lifestyle, you will learn in the following article.

The slow-carb pioneer Tim Ferriss

Anyone familiar with strategies for correcting unhealthy eating habits sooner or later stumbles over the name Timothy Ferriss. New Yorker, born in 1977, is not only the author of the Diet Guide “The 4-Hour Body,” but also a successful entrepreneur.

In addition to a very popular coconut oil management blog, he owns the internet company BrainQUICKEN, which primarily sells dietary supplements. He is also a sought-after consultant weight training at successful people mct oil tim ferriss niversities and in companies. Tim Ferriss is a tango dancing world exogenous ketones champion and has been the national champion kickboxing champion for several years.

The basic principles of the slow-carb diet

Similar to low carb, the slow carb principle is based on the consumption of foods with the lowest possible fat loss glycemic index. In essence, weight loss this means the complete abandonment of carbohydrate-containing products and sugar. In return, successful people there are plenty of protein-containing foods, selected fats and vegetables on the menu.

In order to simplify the dietary guidelines and to accelerate the success of the diet, Timothy Ferriss relies on always the same dishes in certain diet phases.
What exactly are “slow carbs”?

The term “slow carbs” is misleading. Whole-grain noodles, nuts, grain bread and co. Are not included in the ferriss writes category of “Slow-Carb” products, but foods that consist predominantly of fiber. These include, for example, legumes, such as lentils or peas, as well as numerous weight loss vegetables, such as paprika or avocado. Carbohydrates of any kind, including whole grains, are strictly forbidden successful people during the diet! At least six days a week.
Schlemmertag and training as a diet booster

The big difference between the Ferriss diet and low carb concepts like Atkins is that you only have to go through the strict nutritional scheme six days a week. On a weekday, the so-called “Cheat Day” (“Fresstag”), you can eat anything you crave. Learn more about Keto macros – pefect keto diet

Due to the increased calorie intake, the permitted carbohydrates weight training
and the consumption of sugary foods this day should serve to titanium tea boost your metabolism and maintain your motivation.

In addition, Tim Ferriss recommends dieting with sports to support his diet. In his book, he suggests two to three training sessions per week.

Rules of the Slow-Carb Diet

No measuring, no weighing, no annoying calorie counting: The Slow-Carb diet follows simple rules, which as a whole aim to provide your exogenous ketones body with intermittent fasting fewer calories than it needs. The calorie deficit is exogenous ketones designed to specifically target your organism by utilizing the energy stored in exogenous ketones your fat deposits. As coconut oil a result, your fat cells empty. You take off.

1st Rule: Consistently avoid “fast” carbohydrates

All products that contain flour, starch and sugar in exogenous ketones any way are taboo. These include:

  • loaf
  • potatoes
  • rice
  • noodles
  • breaded meat and breaded fishFinished products (fast food, pizza, chips)
  • Cake, pastries
  • Sweets of any kind
  • fruit
  • Dairy products

2nd Rule: Eat the same dishes again and again

According to the instructions, you will prepare your meals from the following foods

Proteins of animal origin: pork, book tools of titans beef, chicken, eggs, fish Legumes (soaked and cooked overnight): black and white beans, chickpeas, lentils Vegetables: Everything is allowed. Within green tea the Slow Carb diet, some vegeta bles, aged black tea such as broccoli, peas, asparagus and spinach are intermittent fasting
considered special precious. Other aged black book tools of titans varieties, such as tomatoes or avocados, on the other hand, you can consume only sparingly.

Of the foods mentioned, you may eat tools of titans as much as you like. It is only important black tea that every meal contains a protein source. Even if you eat a lot more in quantity book tools than usual, you’ll be guaranteed to lose weight due to the lower energy density in the allowed products.
3rd Rule: Drink only calorie-free drinks

While most low-carb diets, such as book tools the South Beach Diet, allow for fruit juices and turmeric and ginger dairy products during certain diet green tea phases, titanium tea you may only consume the following drinks during the Slow-Carb Diet:

  • Water, at least three liters daily
  • Coffee (without milk, unsweetened)
  • Tea (unsweetened)

Exception: According to Slow-Carb philosophy, red wine has no ginger shavings negative impact on fat burning. Therefore, from time to intermittent fasting time a glass of red wine is allowed.
4th Rule: Feast one day a week

You decide on a fixed day per week, morning routine where you can suspend and feast on the slow carb diet. Eat and drink as much as green tea you like: pasta, potatoes, fruit, chocolate, fruit juice, beer. Everything is possible.

How promising is the Slow-Carb Diet?

The principle is easy to understand tools of titans and with much discipline also feasible. If you follow tim ferriss’ the rules, you will actually lose a lot of weight within a intermittent fasting short time. However, morning routine experience has shown that eating the coconut oil same food every day is extremely titanium tea difficult.

Although you can eat these foods in unlimited quantities and combine freely with each other and the “Cheat Day” offers variety, the tim ferriss’ restrictions are serious. If in doubt, it just helps to try out the slow-carb diet.
For whom is the Slow-Carb diet suitable?

People who want to lose pounds quickly and easily and bring enough discipline, can quickly reach the goal with the diet. People with health problems, such as diabetes, kidney disease or hypertension should be given “green light” by their doctor before starting.

If your body is prone to hypoglycaemia in stressful situations or with an infrequent diet, with all the consequences, such as difficulty concentrating sam harris and dizziness, you should not do Slow-Carb, but look for alternatives. Learn more about keto diet in our article How is this now with Ketosis (ketostix)

Watch out! The Slow Carb principle is not suitable for permanent nutrition, but a reduction diet with time restriction. If you decide on this diet and want intermittent fasting

to avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect, you should consider in good time morning routine
how you want to shape your diet after tim ferriss’ reaching your desired weight.
Benefits of the Slow-Carb Diet

few, easy-to-understand rules fast weight loss within a short time depending on the character tools of titans good motivation with “Fresstag” the diet trains not only the eating habits but also the willpower more conscious handling of food The recommended sport counteracts muscle breakdown.

Disadvantages of the slow-carb diet:

  • few allowed foods
  • monotonous meals
  • Overall, many important nutrients are missing, nutrient deficiency threatens
  • expensive supplements required
  • The diet is difficult to keep up
  • not suitable for people with health problems
  • Slow Carb as a permanent diet is strongly discouraged

The conclusion to the slow carb diet

Those who want to use the Slow-Carb diet despite these intermittent fasting
reservations, will be rewarded with a quick weight loss. In order to prevent muscle loss, in addition to the pure diet change, the sport units shown in the book are definitely recommended.

The Slow-Carb diet dispenses with dairy products and fruits as well as whole grains.  To make up for the deficits of this one-sided diet, you intermittent fasting need to take supplements during the slow-carb diet. All in tools of titans all, this is neither balanced nor healthy and certainly not suitable for permanent living.


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