Ballistic keto mct oil powder review


Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet: reset your metabolism and burn fat

One thing is to survive, and another very different is to prosper good physically and mentally. We can survive for years by eating only bread, but without a doubt our mood, our health and our productivity ballistic keto will be far from its optimum point. This scenario is a survival feeding get endpoint name email and website; Without reaching that extreme, we could say ballistic mct oil powder that something similar happens to the Western standard powder diet.

Dramatically reduce the intake of sugar and processed ballistic keto food, limit the amounts of carbohydrates and eat a greater amount of keto healthy fats, as we did in the past, puts us in the lane for optimal physical and emotional health.

What is ketosis and what is the ketogenic diet

The cells of the human body require a constant flow of energy to maintain their good activity and stay alive. The first source they use is the glucose ballistic keto that is in the blood, muscles, liver and other tissues. In a very simplistic way, one could say that the body understands that ballistic keto fats are reserves, so it will not use them as fuel until it has first spent all available glucose.

The problem is that these fat molecules, as they are stored next time, are too large to enter the cellular machinery responsible for producing oil energy. So, when we stop eating, we keto fast, and the available glucose runs out, the body breaks down these fatty acids into smaller, energy-generating molecules, which have been called ketone bodies.

When the concentration of these ketone bodies in the blood passes a certain level it is considered that we have entered a state of ketosis.

Through a specific proportion of the three macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates and mct proteins), the ketogenic diet replicates what happens required fields in our body get when we keto fast: it is a keto diet high in fat ballistic keto and low in carbohydrates that puts our metabolism In a super good fat burning state turned into ketones, a fuel that we know today is a tremendously efficient energy source review.

Difference between ketogenic diet, modified Atkins and low-carb

Being in ketosis is not something binary, it is not black or white, it is an escalation, say a range of grays that is quantified and coffee measured according to the amount of ketone bodies in the blood. This concentration is measured in millimoles per liter of blood (a millimol mct is a unit of measurement mct oil of a substance ballistic keto in solution, used in the medical and scientific environment). Thus, it is considered:

Light ketosis: Between 0.5 and 1.5 mmol / l mct. The body has already entered that area where it mainly uses fat as an energy source, although it is not the optimal ballistic keto place if our short-term goal is to lose weight. Below 0.5 mmol / l is not considered to be in ketosis.

Optimal ketosis: Between 1.5 and 3 mmol / l mct. This is the ideal range if we want to get lower fat and cause that reset in our metabolism.

Deep ketosis: Values ​​above 3 mmol / l mct oil. They do not really offer many more benefits than being in optimal ketosis and it is extremely complicated to reach them only by keto nutritional means. Normally it would take days of fasting to reach these levels.

Strict Ketogenic Diet

To reach levels of an optimal ketosis (between 1.5 and 3 mmol / l) it is required to follow a strict ketogenic diet.

Until just a few years ago, this ballistic keto diet was only used in the medical and get hospital environment to treat children with epilepsy and other people with certain neurological diseases. It was found that the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures decreased significantly, even disappearing completely in some cases, and that the clinical and evolution of neurological diseases improved best results considerably.

The STRICT KETOGENIC diet was initially use for the dietary mct treatment of children with epilepsy.

The medical community observed other associated effects, such as good cognitive and attention improvement, energy, mood and decreased ballistic keto fat percentage and improved body composition website in this browser. This caused the ketogenic diet to jump to other sectors of the population and begin to be used as a keto weight control tool.

However, a strict ketogenic diet that supports optimal levels of ketosis is complex to maintain from a practical ballistic keto point of view and can be limiting for the sustainability of a ballistic keto diet rich in all types of keto nutrients in the long term, and hard to maintain in the good psychological plane over long periods of time. This hardness from a psychological point of view derives from such a high percentage of fats use from a strict ketogenic diet (65% -75%), in some cases even above 80% mexican mocha coffee powder of the calories ingested (reaching 90% ballistic keto in extreme cases) , a moderate amount of protein (10% -15%) and very low levels of carbohydrates, between 20 and 40 grams powder is 95 per day (around 5% depending on the level ballistic keto of general intake).


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