Perfect keto review


Does perfect keto help you lose weight?

The keto or ketogenic diet relives its golden stage. Especially since Kim Kardashian counted his benefits as the regime par excellence that has helped him lose more than 25 kilos with the help of a professional doctor.

A few years ago, some of its versions exogenous ketones were a matter of debate and how they could endanger your perfect keto health like the Dukan diet or the Atkins diet. However, the ketone levels differs from its predecessors for several reasons.

The keto or ketogenic diet focuses on the intake of more foods rich in good fats and proteins (blue fish, avocado, coconut and olive oil exogenous ketone) with a restriction of the intake of carbohydrates perfect keto (cereals, sugar, and even lots of vegetables and fruits) with the aim of generating the ketosis process in blood similar to fasting.

What is that ketosis? You will ask yourself. In that the fat reserves of your body become ketones that in turn feed the muscles and the brain against carbohydrates. The result? The rapid fat burning and express weight loss perfect keto if compared with other traditional diets.

In this sense, the ketone has its admirers and detractors weight loss. Among her admirers, are nutrition expert Susie Burrell, because she says it is ideal not only to lose weight side effects but to reduce sweet pecking exogenous ketones, brain inflammation and relieve pain in people with chronic diseases.

When should I drink the perfect keto diet?

The ketogenic diet or keto diet advocates perfect keto the intake of good fat rich foods from 60 percent to 75 percent (nuts, coconut oil, avocado, blue fish …) combined with protein-rich ingredients in 15 or 30 per percent and that carbohydrates be limited exogenous ketone to green leaves and vegetables without exceeding 20 percent of the calories ingested at each intake.

Does keto powder actually work?

Although nutrition expert Susie Burrell says that “there is no evidence that the keto base seriously damages health,” the keto diet has its pros and cons. Among its benefits, is the reduction of blood glucose levels exogenous ketones, improve ailments such as fatty liver and significant perfect keto weight loss in less time. However, the problem occurs when ketosis is not controlled correctly side effects and ketones begin to damage muscle mass energy boost and cause other alterations perfect keto at the organic level.

“Following this diet can cause short-term dizziness and headache, since our brain needs energy in the form of glucose to function; bad smell of breath, urine and sweat due to the excess of ketone bodies eliminated by these excretion pathways perfect keto; and severe constipation, due to the lack of fiber, “says nutritionist Andrea Marques.

Among other disadvantages is that it can trigger stones in the kidney keto flu, increase acidity levels in blood, loss of muscle mass … so you should take your precautions by consulting your doctor and not follow this diet lightly.

In other words, because the ketone levels achieves this metabolic state, either because of insufficient food intake because the amount of energy in the diet is less than that required ketone, or because of a restriction of sugar-rich foods mct oil by eliminating or restricting carbohydrates and increasing the consumption of foods rich mct oil powder in protein or fat. So it is true that the keto base promises, fight acne, improve cardiovascular perfect keto health and even balance hormone levels energy … but it is essential to follow it with the help of a professional review.

What is the best flavor of perfect Keto?

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs salted caramel with coconut oil or butter or a coffee with a pore of skim milk mct oil powder and a touch of coconut oil or ghee.

Food: Chicken breast with herb and vegetable butter mct oil, if possible, with green leaf or a tuna salad with cheese.

Dinner: A low-carb cheese burger or beef and avocado steak.

And keep in mind that ketogenic diets use high-fat foods such as nuts, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, fatty fish and cheese to replace carbohydrates mct oil.

So you know, nothing better than putting yourself perfect keto in the hands of an expert to be able to carry it out with supplements that preserve your health and not damage your digestive system or your metabolism.

And it is extremely necessary that the diet is regulated, guided and structured by medical specialists. “This diet is not to be taken lightly and there are health professionals who work specifically on it,” says Professor Thomas Seyfried of Boston University.

However, other experts continue to emphasize that, in order for our body perfect keto to function properly, we need to eat (good) fats every day. It helps us to have energy weight loss but also (and even if it seems paradoxical) to lose weight keto and better absorption of nutrients and vitamins.


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