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In the quest to lose weight we can opt for all kinds of methods, weight loss, habits … The ketogenic diet, as numerous studies have shown, is able to make us lose weight. The metabolic mechanisms behind it explain why.

But all that glitters is not gold. Like all tools, using it inappropriately, or at inappropriate times, can have its consequences. Today we talk about why this nutritional pattern works kegenix prime to lose weight and why, in reality, we should not use it for that purpose except at specific times.

What are ketone bodies?

The name ketogenic diet means, in fact, that it creates ketone bodies. Ketone bodies are a metabolic product that is generated when the body has kegenix prime no carbohydrates available to burn quickly. Therefore, this kegenix rejects carbohydrates to the maximum, using fats as an energy source kegenix and increasing the amount of protein. Let’s do a quick review of what happens in our body state of ketosis when we need energy.

Imagine muscle as a powerful exogenous ketones machinery that needs fuel. The fastest and most immediate fuel is the concentration of blood glucose keto. If our blood glucose is very low exogenous ketone and energy expenditure increases, the muscle is soon without supplement support. Then take advantage of another stock of stored carbohydrates: glycogen. If the body also runs out kegenix prime of this reserve, then it will return to another metabolic pathway: ketosis.

Why does the ketogenic diet work?

Ketogenic diets have proven in several studies to be efficient in losing weight. This is based on three facts prime. The first, which we talked about before, is that this weight loss takes advantage kegenix prime of fats quickly, using a more inefficient route. Inefficient, in this case, it suits us because it indicates exogenous ketones that we need more fat for the production of less energy keto.

The second is that it prevents hypercaloric intake and fat accumulation due to excess carbohydrates. Normal diets contain a large amount of carbohydrates (a large amount does not involve too many green tea supplement, it all depends on the diet). With a keto diet it is impossible to accumulate exogenous ketone an excess of blood sugar glucose and, therefore, of fat from an excess keto of energy.

The third, according to some studies, is that the ketogenic diet helps maintain satiety levels, helping to better control intake in patients who practice it. Following this trio of effects, studies have proven kegenix prime that it can be useful to reduce kegenix obesity. Others, produced by the same researchers mental clarity, from the Physiology laboratory, at the University of Padua, have addressed the issue from different angles review.

The ketogenic diet is not valid in all cases

From what we have seen, the ketogenic diet is based on three aspects to be effective kegenix. The evidence also shows positive results. So why not use it for any circumstance? Ketosis, as we have said, is an exceptional state of emergency. It is not a physiological situation that we should keto take lightly.

Ketosis occurs because our heart and our brain need kegenix prime constant glucose contributions. If this is not available, the supply cannot be stopped, as would be the case exogenous ketones with a muscle (which can afford to fail). These two organs resort to ketogenic bodies as a “desperate” measure side effects. If, for whatever reason, this contribution fails, we have a serious problem.

On the other hand, precisely to prevent this from happening, ketosis can be exacerbated. This can lead to a ketoacidosis. This phenomenon occurs because the ketone bodies are acidic and lower the pH of the blood, that is, they make it acidic orange blast, to dangerous levels energy. In addition, they affect several organs to their normal burn fat metabolic processing.

In common cases, ketoacidosis has dangerous but not serious symptoms: dizziness, discomfort, bad breath, muscle failure, frequent urination and thirst for a whole day or more kegenix, headache, nausea and desire to vomit, dizziness, breath sweetness and stomach ache … In the most severe cases, such as with ketoacidosis caused by diabetes, or in alcoholic ketocidosis supplement (which occurs as a result of alcohol withdrawal syndrome and a lack of intake), which can reach cerebral edema (accumulation of fluid in the brain), renal failure or heart problems.

When and how should we use it?

The ketogenic diet should be used as a tool for certain circumstances. It should be made clear that kegenix the exclusionary approach kegenix prime to these types of diets supplement does not match name email the idea of ​​healthy habits. A balanced and healthy keto diet includes legumes, cerales, fruits … a series of foods keto that can be rich in carbohydrates. Ketogenic pattern diets, however, dodge these macronutrients to induce ketosis.

This can be useful for weight control exogenous ketones, as we said, in patients with obesity. They can also help us, if we plan with a specialist, so that kegenix prime we avoid the problems we were discussing side effects. Another utility of the ketogenic diet is to use it in the last stage of muscle supplement definition.

In this case it is convenient to combine it with a hyperprosthetic kegenix to avoid the loss of muscle mass and maximize its growth. Lastly, maintaining a permanent state of ketosis is not very advisable wild berry, although being well taken supplement does not have to be a problem. But always with strict control amazon com.


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