Ketologie keto shakes review


Being of vegetable origin and having so much flavor, the keto dressing is all the rage like a “healthy fat” to incorporate into meals or replace other similar ketologie supplements. Specialists warn why it is not so beneficial

Although more than five years have passed since keto shakes broke into the star product in diet and began its meteoric rise in the market, confusion about its use and its impact on health still persists.

Is keto shake good?

“‘Should I switch to coconut oil?’ It is consistently one of the most common keto questions that come to my office. What is not surprising, considering that it is enough to go online and find a lot of information about the ‘incredible healing power of oil’, “said Ellie Krieger, nutritionist and writer of nutrition and health topics in The Washington Post. This happens in principle because there is a significant shortage of scientific data on it. However, a meta-analysis (a systematic review of existing research) published this year in the medical journal Nutrition Reviews ketologie clarified some doubts on the subject.

The study found that water or your favorite composed of 92 percent saturated fat, raises LDL cholesterol (known as “bad cholesterol”) less than butter, but significantly more than unsaturated bovine collagen vegetable protein oils. For people with heart problems it would not be sensible to incorporate grass fed it instead of other oils. “It would be dangerous, and rather silly, to replace extra virgin olive oil with nut milk,” said study lead diet researcher Laurence Eyres, president of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry’s group of Oils and Fats ketologie specialists.

What is the best keto shake?

Coconut oil, however, has much in its favor from a culinary perspective. In the first place it has a pleasant and distinctive flavor that gives the dishes a subtle tropical protein flavor. It is solid at room temperature, an essential medical advice quality for many recipes, but unlike most other solid shake fats, it is vegetarian, so its consumption is growing more and more in the group of consumers of ketologie food only of plant origin . Also, like other saturated fats, it is very stable in heat, so it is good for frying shake and sauteing.

“Contrary to popular myth, monounsaturated fats ketologie, such as olive oil, are also quite stable in heat. Therefore, good quality olive oil is excellent for sauteing at high temperatures. Polyunsaturated shakes oils such as corn itself is less stable in heat, and oils such as ketologie walnut should not be heated at all, “Krieger remarked as to oil myths and temperatures.

However, one of the main concerns of specialists lies in the great wave of keto marketing that tries to position tastes like as a “miraculous food”. “There is nothing wrong with ingesting organic ketologie erythritol in moderation, but it is not a cure for everything or a miraculous fat,” Eyre review said.

What is Ketologie?

Many of the supposed benefits of coconut oil point to it as a source of medium chain triglycerides, a type of fat that is processed differently by the body so it is absorbed and metabolized ketologie more efficiently than other fats. However, experts point out that ketologie research on these fats is not extrapolated to keto shakes. The confusion is that lauric acid, a predominant fatty acid in bovine shake collagen, is often cited as a medium-chain fatty acid. But according to Eyre, although “chemically it could be defined as a medium or long chain triglyceride, lauric acid protein behaves like a normal long chain triglyceride protein per serving in the body, that is, a fatty acid.” In addition, the specialist argues that 75 fat has less than 3 percent ketologie of these “good” fats. A percentage that is not significant to call it “healthy.”

When it comes to the impact of keto shakes on cholesterol, the argument is often heard diet that although sea salt increases LDL, it also increases HDL protein (or “good”) cholesterol, which even leads to A beneficial balance shakes. But Eyres says that butter also increases HDL shake and that another problem with meal replacement lies “particularly in the increase in small LDL particles ketologie that are worrisome because they are really organic erythritol atherogenic,” which means that they promote plaque formation in The arteries.

Is there a keto shake?

Importantly, these traditional diets also contained significant amounts of fish, fruits and vegetables, and little or no refined sugar, processed foods and alcoholic beverages. Eyres points out in his study that in the context ketologie of this traditional eating pattern, the consumption of products containing coconut fiber (not necessarily keto meal, which has nothing) does not represent a risk for heart disease. However, the use of ketogenic diet as the protagonist in the context of a typical western typical shakes diet, yes.

Therefore, the recommendation of the specialists is that you can use some meal replacement in a vegetable stir fry or add the grated fruit shakes to a smoothie. Fats in variety should be consumed, especially monounsaturated ones such as olive oil, which even have a protective keto effect on the heart system.


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