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The ketogenic diet is no fad; that’s how humans ate for millions of years

What do Mick Jagger, Kim Kardashian, Kobe Bryant and Alec Baldwin have in common? At first glance, not much, but if we pay attention to the American pink press product, it turns out that the musician, the ‘celebrity’, the athlete and the actor follow a ketogenic diet, better known in English as’ keto diet ‘, from’ ketogenic ‘. This regime, characterized in its most extreme version by a very low keto carbohydrate emulsified mct oil intake and a high fat intake, seems to be very effective for rapid weight loss, although it is difficult to maintain in the long term energy.

Does Onnit MCT oil need to be refrigerated?

“In the faculties of Medicine, ketosis is associated with diabetes or kidney disease, but man has always lived in ketosis,” recalls the doctor Ángel Gutiérrez, Professor of Physiology at the University of Granada. The “perversion of the food chain,” says this sports doctor, was consolidated when the United States, then the world’s first cereal producer – now the second, behind China product – decided to get rid of its surpluses onnit mct oil review with a real marketing success : the food pyramid and its fervent recommendation to ingest, as the basis of a ‘balanced’ menu, generous portions emulsified mct oil of bread, cookies, onnit breakfast cereals, pasta palm oil and rice.

The topic that in a healthy weight loss carbohydrates should be abundant energy begins to be questioned. The panel of experts that advises the Swedish health system concluded that in obese people the low carb diet energy is the most effective for losing weight in the short term, ahead of the traditional low fat keto.

How do you use Onnit MCT oil?

Once the glycogen stores in the body have been depleted -which usually happens after two or three days with these restrictions-, our body puts into effect the ‘plan B’: the fat in the diet is transformed into the liver in the called ‘ketone bodies’, which serve as fuel for cells. Once in ketosis, the body burns with great onnit mct oil ease also the fat that the body accumulates as a reserve and weight is lost.

In addition to the radical version, there are other variants of ‘low-carb’ weight loss based on the predominance of proteins, and not so much of fats palm oil. The oldest is the Atkins product, created by the doctor of the same name in 1970, who advocates starting emulsified mct oil with a fairly radical restriction of carbohydrates keto (onnit mct oil 20 grams daily) to increase energy them as the objectives are achieved. A very similar approach makes the most modern Dukan plan, which during its first phases proposes full days without tasting lauric acid fruits or vegetables.

A different perspective is that of the ‘paleodieta’, which proposes a return to the primitive onnit menu of hunter-gatherers, which consisted of meat, fish, eggs, roots, fruits, fresh vegetables onnit mct oil and nuts and excluded cereals, legumes, products Dairy and refined sugars.

What are the side effects of MCT oil?

Used to identify fat with the devil, many do not quite believe all this, but the truth is that more and more experts warn that the true enemy, the real cause product of the obesity epidemic that plagues the world, are processed foods rich in sugars and flours – which end up becoming the same: glucose – and not lipids mct oil. “According to studies, ketogenic or very low carbohydrate onnit mct oil diets tend to be more effective than others to lose weight in the short-medium term,” says the blogger chemist. The problem, he reasons, is that a strict ketogenic diet forces a large amount of food coconut oil to be excluded and it is not easy to maintain onnit it for a long time. And everyone knows what happens when you return to ‘normal’ after a period of containment: the ‘rebound effect’ threatens around the corner.

Eat with calculator


In order not to exceed 20-50 grams of carbohydrates onnit mct oil a day of the strict ‘keto’ the logical thing is to avoid sugar -which is 100% carbohydrates-, sweets, cookies, bread, legumes, potatoes, coconut oil, rice and pasta.


Fruits with few carbohydrates are raspberries, strawberries and watermelon and, among vegetables, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, tomato, zucchini, cucumber, eggplant and cauliflower salad dressings. All with less than 5%.


Blue fish is ideal in this diet for its omega 3 fatty acids. It is better to moderate the intake of meat mct oil, sausages, dairy, butter and cheeses, medium  chain triglycerides whose fat is saturated, less healthy.


Olive oil is healthy because it contains monounsaturated fatty acids coconut oil, such as nuts and avocado. Eye with saturated fats from coconut and palm oils mct oil and margarine.

Is MCT oil good for?

Is it healthy to dispense with carbohydrates to lose weight? On the basis that the least healthy is overweight – in Spain obesity is, behind smoking, the second leading mct oils cause of death due to diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease – the option is not at all far-fetched energy. Of course, with precautions product. “If the diet is complete and includes all kinds of nutrients, with lots of fruits and vegetables low in carbohydrates lauric acid and meat and fish of high quality mct oil, nuts and olive oil, and it does so for a relatively short period of time, there is no evidence that he is going to do any harm, ”says Jiménez, who admits, however, that there are no studies that support his safety or his efficacy in the onnit medium-long term.

The ‘keto diet’ can produce annoying side effects during the first few days, until the body adapts to the new metabolic pathway: bad breath, dizziness, nausea, constipation, decreased sports performance and irritability. But studies indicate that it immediately improves triglyceride mct oil, cholesterol and blood glucose levels. And on top it reduces appetite review.


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